August 24, 2015

Prices & Guarantees

Prices & Guarantees

We can provide fixed prices and performance guarantees for certain types of work.

Our guarantee to you

Provided that you get your information to us within our timescales, we guarantee to get your annual accounts back
to you within 30 days and within 5 days for Management Accounts. If we cannot meet our stipulated deadline, you will be
entitled to a 20% discount on our fees.

Unfortunately, due to the wide variation of income sources and the nature of their preparation, we are unable to give
time-related guarantees on the preparation of Self-Assessment Income Tax Returns. However, they will still be done
as soon as possible. Please also note that Income Tax Returns completed in January will attract a premium of 50%
on our normal rates, due to the need to meet the 31 January deadline for submission – so please provide your information early!

How much does it cost?

Nothing for an initial meeting or a phone call. You needn’t worry about unexpected or large accountancy bills. By
tailoring the services you need, a fee will be calculated in advance and deducted as an easy monthly payment.

We always try to give a fixed price where possible, but our experience of your records may require reassessment of the agreed fee.

Remember, you may think that by preparing your own accounts you are saving money – but are you claiming for everything you could be?
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